Online Transportation Management Software

miniMAX providing online web-based transportation management software, an application that works within the centralized network. Providing the facility to reserved passenger seats, cancellation seats, and records different types of inquiry which is fully required to the user interference.
Here you can instantly and quickly reserve the ticket because we have integrated the e-ticketing management on it to quickest way to take the bus reservation.

Current System

Now we have the current system which we facing lots of problems associated with it. The limitations of the current system and got clear the idea of the requirements for the need for the new and integrated system.

Core Objectives

After the requirements have been determined, all the specification for the hardware required, software data resources and the collection of information products that will satisfy the module and the core functionality towards the requirements of the proposed system can be determined.

Core Features:

– User registration
– Transport Agent register
– Add, Delete and Editing the Passenger
– Authentication of User
– Login Panel
– Online payment method integrated

Why We Design this Model?

– Generates working for an online software which is more effective and efficient working.
– Quick response time and early application life-cycle.
– A flexible – cost-effective to the change scope and requirements.
– Very easy way to test and debugging during a small iteration.
– Customer can respond in this system during online support.
– Very lower initial deliverance cost.

Secure and Reliable

The system is applicable to highly secure and it should generate all the update information correctly as per client requirements.

System Conclusion:

The Transportation Management System provides online reservation of vehicles.
– A user-friendly system which is also a mobile responsive.
– Efficient vehicle reservation system with no hidden cost.

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