Interactive & Modern Approach of IVR System

Add the power of a natural, intuitive self-service conversational IVR that customers will actually use and prefer.


miniMAX IVR allows you to communicate with your customers effectively and securely Customized hosted IVR and PBX solutions that can handle high volume calls, process payments and more can increase operational efficiency while offering your customers the flexibility they require in how they communicate with you. Enhancing your contact center with a sophisticated IVR system offers reliability and functionality necessary for call centers to successfully service customers and improve customer experience.


miniMAX IVR solutions can help complete high volumes of calls, route calls to multiple contact center sites, and reduce the risk of investing in expensive equipment. miniMAX unique cloud System assists by hosting your IVR applications. Thousands of applications have been deployed to data for a variety of services and solutions, offering massive scalability.

Uptime Data

IVR systems are an effective tool for routine inbound inquiries as well as common outbound notifications like appointment reminders. you can also use an IVR system to collect customer responses and facilitate two-way dialogues. When interactive voice responder requires agent assistance to resolve a more complex issue, miniMAX IVR solutions route the customer to the appropriate agent without missing a beat. Our team not only delivers a system that works, but we also partner with you to understand your unique requirements so that we can deliver a solution that fits your needs.

    • Self-service.
    • Pro-actively notify or remind customers.
    • Simply make information readily available.
    • The system that works for you 24/7 is key to ensuring customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

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