Get Quick & Easy Job Browsing with Advanced Search Option

Job seekers can browse jobs as standard list search results display and map view. It is possible to save interesting jobs. Job seekers are also able to check jobs recommended by the system in “Suggested Jobs” section of their account. “Recently Viewed Jobs” section displays recently accessed jobs. In case a job seems to be fraud it is possible to flag a job by specifying a flag reason.

Update with new Job Alerts & Private messaging and Notifications.
The job alerts can be set up for a daily, weekly and monthly update. The private messaging system allows job seekers to communicate with employers via the website without providing contact information. Notifications and reminders can be set up by job seekers to be notified of certain activities.

    Other Features:     

    • Security Tools
    • Geographic Settings
    • User Management And Configuration
    • Job/Resume Management And Configuration
    • Social Network Connect
    • Blog And Forum
    • SEO and online marketing
    • Android & IOS applications
    • Revenue Generation and Billing


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