zdssd Want to build a custom template as you like or using our library? Sending invitation to bidder
from one central to another location. Send requisition, receive bid proposal
and getting more information to know the current progress.

    What did you get from Bidding Management Software?

      • No More paperwork required, everything store on
        the database.

      • Save your time and money both.

      • Your team could be invited for the collaboration on

      • Complete audit report with each and every

    Super Admin User:

    Super admin has all the power of superuser administrative
    work which has full access to assign all the work on miniMAX Bid Management
    Software. Admin module containing admin ID, changing the user name/bidder
    name, address, phone no., changing something in reseller account, consigner
    account management, and bidder process, as you can say monetize all things.

    What Reseller Profile Can Do?

    Reseller can do added a consigner user who has access to
    add, edit and remove the consigner account. Also we implemented the reseller
    module to add the bid management process containing, consigner user list,
    bidder list, and auction management, manage running auction, and bidder
    reporting and all related invoices.

Bid Management System


      Bidder Account – Also Calling User Profile:

      The bidder has only the rights to bid on the running auction
      products, the bidding sale list, running auction procedure. Also providing access to the upcoming bidding program. Access to the product sell invoices, bid activity histories, any outstanding, pending, and failure of the invoices.