7 Reasons that your Sales BOT is better than AI Chat System

In Headlines, I have read almost on daily bases that our salespeople shoot 90% in one month and it would be replaced by 10 years.

We predict that so many agencies buy into this BS. They are running automated software.

Give me any solution for BOTS!

Can Ai Software Boost your sales!

Most of the companies offering big “A” but the small amount of “I”

Robots thing is not able to buy your products, so they are running like a hell and shouldn’t selling purposes. Who should purchase that’s a rational decision.

1. Bots are Really Worth to Buy

When you get started on anything you should have all the details of it! Don’t you worry about the automatic process?

It’s difficult to adapt all the responsibility controlling by the bot.

Even you are currently using the version of automated. Discover the new tools, platforms, and strategies every three month’s quarter respectively. During the amount re-evaluation outcomes this manually. So that you don’t have to lose your precious customers.

2. Bots can’t see that what the Current Status is

Your Dashboard tells the whole story. Tracking clicking and conversion is very helpful, but there’s a good chance of missing something very important.

You need to hire someone who can manage or see the whole things.

What do they do, click on where else, and sound pretty much confusing? What features are the most excited one? What is their gripping point?

You can learn a lot simple and observe potential customers in the jungle.

Walk into for customer call, sit back and relax and say that “I want your 5 minutes, I am building a website and I’d love to know that what do you really think of it.”

No one has time to give you 5 minutes, but if you want to make things magical, you need to hunt the honest feedback. All the things right from your end, the pre, and post calling analysis. But the rejection is a part of a life. The only word is you want to hear is “Yes” which is achievable.

Too many agencies forgot about the important step. They are busy for the result of survey’s and analyze their dashboards. Not avail the opportunities for gaining more and more customers. You need to think out of the box.

3. What a Shit Sort of Communication

Calling your customers, shoot an email, video conversation, you are too excited to talk with your customer.

If your communication is automated. You will never truly understand what the product is about.

Worse things happened when the conversation like this.

Take the time and listen carefully that what customer have to say. Well, this is frustration, confusion, and enthusiasm. Explore the better solution.

Ask Query about:

–    What do you think about it?

–    What is your goal?

–    What things do you like?

–    What things do you dislike?

–    What are your Bot features, is there any missing things?

This is a chance to dig deeper into the mud, also you have to take follow-up queries.

Customer: “I want something simple”

You: “Okay, So what should be simple? How can we implement?”

You don’t have to communicate with every single customer, but you have to always speak with a few of them.

4. Bonding is not a job for BOT!

Business not survives with the dreamer army, and not predicts many things on one.

Proven by human website provide catch verification, the customer also visits on the ground.

Go out for display the demo give satisfaction to the client, listen to them and identify the problem, observe their gesture.

Decide the better time, call them or even meet any suitable place, give the promotional material.

Hosting customer’s meet-ups in several cities, then we communicate with the people to implement the product part on growth level. It goes a very long way of building intimacy. Which help to understand the core things for what customer wants and their needs.

It doesn’t matter the size of the company. You should be aware the visit of customer each month.

5. Bots are Just a Dump Thing!

Get the train and be on the eyes of the customers. Go struggle to grab the client, you will gain all the insightful analysis of the core features for build-up the right things. What about the additional things in products and what sort of services offer. Also, what can you do for the customers efficiently and effectively?

Please, you don’t have to run without any proof things, this promotional materials like proposals, leaflets, faq’s and R&D doesn’t make any sense! You don’t leave it all the things to chatbots. You let the things smoothly running by manually. You are running on the never-ending stories to give ideas and identify the issues.

6. Bots Coaches goes wrong

This is not an easy thing to automate right now, but like everything on this list, someone’s has to want their automatic consultant that will work day or night.

As your business grows, it’s really important to consult with your customers about core values and challenges which is not relevant to your product or services. Too many starting companies focus on monitory values first. Companies always ask for helping customers succeed.

Offering your expertise like professionals, you are not supposed to be a salesperson. Find out how they do organize and manage businesses. How they resolve the problem, and how they plan to grow their organization.

Listen to me very carefully and lend your devices. Prove your company has a core value and above all ahead to the client succeed. Make the relationship strong.

7. Bots are not that support you!

Give you more horrible business failures that most the cases fail from this sort of lacking. You have to shoot an email and wait until someone replies you back. Something you have a solution but you are seeking and make many mistakes.

“We are many thanks to you that you respond us quickly”

There are no technical things you have gained, No personality, No intimacy. They don’t even know your name, so they can’t offer anything better to you and what sort of customers offer they do?

“You’re ID number?”

Without support, you can’t even think about the feedback queries. You should identify the problem, analyze things, and learn from it, not make any fake promises. The only way to investigate the problem is to provide human’s an opportunity to interact with other humans on a professional & personal level.

I am not against to AI but the things are that in 2015 people were often asking with me whether my personal assistant get the relationship with another human. Or some numbers of curing the way of AI BOT Technology, and I will surprise that one day most of the agencies give certification to humans but some of them come to sales, for everything but even a mundane sort of thing, we are still improving this from many years and give better jobs.

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